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Vachon Décoration


At the age of 70, Emile Vachon (1881 - 1967) created Maison Vachon. With and for the cinema. Thanks to an indebted tenant who opened it to cinema.

Emile is a cabinetmaker, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, furniture maker and owner of Etablissements Vachon in Faubourg Saint-Antoine. He was also Administrator of the Ecole Boule, President of the furniture section of the Paris Fair and President of the furniture trade association in 1950. Owner of a building in the Faubourg Saint Antoine, one of his tenants was in debt and had been unable to pay his rent for six months. The tenant had a stock of furniture and accessories used by cinema set designers, and decided to settle his debt by selling them to his landlord, Emile Vachon.

The cinema began to borrow items from this stock from VACHON, and regularly gave him acquisitions for French films. The stock grew. The idea was born. A new trade was born: furniture rental.

Vachon Décoration


It's been 4 years since Jean Vachon (1905 - 1983), son of Emile, took over and developed the company alongside film producers, directors and set designers.

Between 1960 and 1980, not a single French film was made without passing through La Maison.

Politicians also called on the House's services. The Elysée Palace rented an office and a Regency salon for all General De Gaulle's press conferences.

Vachon Décoration


Jean's son, Dominique Vachon, takes over. With Elisabeth Vachon (1923-2009), his mother, they run and develop the business.

Vachon prospers, Vachon grows, and the adventure with cinema continues. From the famous rattan armchair in "Emmanuelle" to the sofa in "Trois Hommes et un Couffin" and the opium den in "La Grande Bouffe", they all come out of the Vachon warehouses.

In the early 80s, cinema was evolving. Technology allowed cameras to leave the studio. Cameras were lightened, and productions began to shoot in natural settings: rental requirements dropped. Times were tough.

At the same time, a new sector was developing: trade fairs and the world of exhibitions.

Vachon Décoration


Dominique Vachon takes the Maison in a strategic direction: exhibition rentals. At the same time, he creates Vachon Location.

Vachon Location is an event furniture rental company dedicated to this market. Simple, designer, stackable furniture that can be delivered in large quantities to Parisian trade shows.

Vachon Décoration is now offering its furniture and decorative accessories to the world of events. The company's aim is to create ephemeral, original and memorable settings. The result: from the early 1980s to the end of the 21st century, VIPs at prestigious international trade fairs have taken on the colors of Vachon decors.

American decors from the 50s, 70s, Napoleon III, Louis XV, Louis XVI style. British, Moroccan or Chinese sets. The Ali Baba's cave of cinema opens its treasures to other worlds, to imagine the most surprising sets in the world of events.

Vachon Décoration


In 1989, the weather was good. Business was booming. Buoyed by growing success and several relocations, Vachon invested in new warehouses in Evry.

But in early 90s, the Gulf War broke out. Oil crisis. Gloom and recession, business tense. Bad timing for the House.

1992: Général Location (now GL events) buys and saves Vachon. The Group retains the company's DNA and management. This marked a new turning point and an acceleration towards the world of events. In just a few years, the Group acquires CRE ROSSI, FIRST and VACHON, leaders in furniture rental. The three companies merged, and GL events Mobilier was born.

For its part, Vachon Décoration remains the cavern of Ali Baba, in Gentilly. Furniture, accessories and rare pieces are used for events, and always for cinema and TV sets, its origins.

Vachon Décoration


La Maison takes a turn 100% design. Dominique Vachon invests with passion, vision and frenzy in re-editing design classics.

Vitra, Knoll, Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Steiner and Ligne Roset are his best friends. He scans, watches, searches and hunts for the icons of tomorrow. Moooï, Edra, Moroso, Driade and Kartell enrich the collection.

Vachon becomes THE designer furniture rental company: a sharp, eclectic selection available for rental. A selection unique in Europe. In 2010, his son Emile Vachon joins the company.

Vachon Décoration


november 17, 2011, la Maison brûle. Ali Baba's cave goes up in smoke.

Unfortunately, the fire occurred during a quiet period, when very little furniture was out of the warehouse. Nothing was spared. Ali Baba's cave goes up in smoke. The GL events Group is at our side. The Group makes the impossible possible. Working in the aftermath of the fire. Reinvesting. Rebuild. The phoenix rises from the ashes.

In January 2012, we took delivery of the first re-editions ordered, and delivered, as usual, the VIP area at Maison & Objet. Thanks to the Group. To the team. To the publishers. To the profession. To the customers. Loyal and caring.

Together, Dominique and Emile lay the first stones of the new Maison. 2015 handover. Emile Vachon takes over.

Vachon Décoration


The COVID years. A new storm to face. Once again, the Group is present. Led by Olivier Ginon, resistance is organized.

The guidelines are visionary, clear and benevolent. They will enable us to "save the furniture". The team pulls together. A few key contributors keep the store alive by responding to the rare requests that come in. This experience makes us grow, makes us stronger.

In 2024, a new catalog comes to life, projecting the House into the exceptional preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Vachon Décoration



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