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Maison Vachon


Rental and sale of designer furniture

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Creating ambience
since 1951

Since 1951, Maison Vachon has been renting out furniture and accessories for ephemeral sets and installations. First for film and television, then for exhibitions and events that want to stand out for the quality and originality of their installations.

Taking care
of each other

Maison Vachon has been bringing people and furniture together since 1951.
Furniture with character and unique personalities.
At Vachon, everyone counts. Our strength is our team.
A team with a shared taste and rhythm for events, a passion for furniture and design.
An expert and demanding team that loves to laugh and have a good time.
A creative, caring team with an unmistakable touch of madness.
Together we build Maison Vachon.

Meet the team

An adventure
that lasts

Maison Vachon was founded in 1951 by Emile Vachon (1881 - 1967). [Four generations have succeeded one another in maintaining and growing a collection of furniture and accessories. All styles, all eras, sourced in France and around the world. [The collection was originally created to decorate movie sets. [Since the 80s, the company has invested in events. [The company joined the GL events group in 1992.

Discover the history of the Maison

Rental and sale of designer furniture

All our references can be purchased, new or used.
For your furnishing, office, hotel or restaurant projects. Castle or apartment.
A team of furniture experts can assist you. Advise you in the labyrinth of editors. Listen to you and suggest furniture and accessories for a smart interior design.

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